U. S. A


The flies swarmed around us as we viewed the scenes of lake Michigan from the massive sand dunes below us. 

Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park provided a natural wonder for us Canadians over this long weekend. With 90s rap beats stuck in our heads and eating to many bagels (Grant) we were set for the May 2-4 weekend. Arriving in Traverse City we found ourselves at the Macinac Brewing co, the crisp saturday evening allowed us to find coffees, hang around the harbour and look for our accomadations. Thank you “restwood” which was the motel of choice, with bikers as neighbours and a mexican restaurant only steps away. Margaritas here we come.
Yet our saturday took us to the woods, the lake, the sand and the water. Water which was deep blue, and clear to the bottom. And dunes that resembled small hills. The dunes tried their best to instil fear into travellers as each dune had signs which said to not scale down, as it would require a 2 hour walk up. Doubt it. Yet, watching as Nate frolicked in the sand, I knew it was crossing his mind. One big roll down to the depths of the dune, never to be seen again. Or I suppose for the next few hours. I guess we all could use some alone time.
Never-the less, we obeyed the signage as good bible-beleiving kids. 

Next stop was places called Glen Arbor and Leeland. Cottagy coastal towns which brimmed with gifts, food, coffee and expensive houses. But, hands down best sandwich shop on the west coast of the mitt! Thank you Village Cheese Shanty.

The coast captured our attention and the drive was dotted with scenery of Michigan’s finest.
Shout out to Leslie for being Queen of Navigation on our trip. If she wasn’t around we probably would be at the bottom of a sand dune. 

Capping the evening off with Mexican food was a highlight to our day. I worried what our evening and car ride would have held with the amounts of fibre which sat in our system- but I honestly can’t complain. The sleeping arrangements were steller, and I think Nate and Grant even became closer. #bros 

We came, we saw, we duned. A piece of the mitt and a weekend road trip with friends, all a part of touring the U -S of A and living the life.

hermes Rivera