It won’t rain we all agreed, as we checked and re-checked our weather apps. But no one could deny the dark skies and cool wind coming over us. This would be ..

It won’t rain we all agreed, as we checked and re-checked our weather apps. But no one could deny the dark skies and cool wind coming over us. This would be all cool, if our tent had a roof or rain tarp. Now, no one is blaming anyone COUGH Grant, but as we watched the rain slowly petter onto our tent and into our eyes as we slept that Friday night, we knew stories were going to insue. Friday night we travelled us girls up to the Pinery for the weekend, where on the way, transportation includes cookie overdoses, and Mariah Carey serenades. Setting off at a decent hour, we waited in the timmies parking lot for Nicole to finish her hair and we were off. Be time we arrived, we were hungry and no cookie could solve that, so after we pulled through the park Enrique Inglesis style, we headed to subway to suppress our appetite along the way dodging grand benders and their overly friendly failed pickups.
Waking up Saturday morning, I was met by the beach and its solitude. The boys ate early and Jake wowed us with his breakfast sausage extraordinaire over the fire. Be time we gathered around 10am TJ had already moved a tree trunk for siting room next to the fire, Grant helped.. Good job Grant. As we pondered what the day would look like lunch came upon us, doesn’t camping happen that way? As the fire of the burnt twigs died down, us girls grabbed some snacks and headed down to the river for a canoe. A two hour session, a 2 hour adventure. Emma, Monica and Nicole owned their canoe in many ways, not just physically or mentally, their spirts were one with the canoe, and they seamlessly glided through the water as if Pocahontas taught them herself. We also had the touch of the natives as Sara, Amelia and I went ashore to explore a family of ducks only coming back with a tick friend, and paranoia. Snapchatting like no tomorrow and crusing down river like a Disney movie, we rejoined our friends, as we came upon Grant and TJ who had finished 3 hotdogs each and were now working on the jar of peanut butter. Gracious Grant offered us snacks and laughter, we took both. We rejoined at the beach and went for a walk, a well extended walk as Nicole lost her glasses, only to be found on the 4th attempt back along the Huron shores, when upon returning, the worst had happened. Grants keys had run away and eloped with the sandy, deep, dunes. An affair to remember, the keys were never to be found again, and the car was untouched for over 24hrs. Slowly we realized what that meant. No clothes for Jake, and I haunting feeling stuck with Johnny. What was truly haunting was the red two hooded poncho that Johnny sported around the campfire as dusk set, he slowly became known as el diablo. The sizzling Spaniard kept us laughing and Jake and Brads cooking kept our eyes and hearts warm, I have never seen such detail and creativity around a campfire! Thin crusted pizza, steak, herbed potatoes, burgers and finished off with a fruit compote, and for me, a side of 2 hotdogs. Amelia worked her magic with homemade chilli and cornbeard. The key dilema seemed to had resolved itself as Lauren and Chris were to embark 6am GB style to the park with another set. All was well, s’mores were happening, Johnny was crushin’, “no homo”, TJ was blushing, euker was playing, and campsite were being busted, but the best of all, sleep was happening; another cool night in the sack. Until around 12:15am, where a huge shockwave rattled deep in our chests, what was that? Fireworks? 2, 3 more happened, these are way too close! As an explosion of lights rained over our opened “sun roof” the shots went off but the snickering that followed gave it away. Grant and TJ really wanted to lullaby us to sleep that night, but had found another alternative. Thanks Grant.
The lords day was upon us, and Sunday marked a healthy start to our day with banana boats, orange Pinterest cake things, pancakes, eggs and toast over the fire, we were on a roll. And just then Lauren and Francis rolled up, with the key that didn’t open the door.. Feeling bad for Grant, and down about the whole thing, we could only wonder why these things happen. With no service to the pinery on the long weekend, it looked like Grant was having to make another trip up on the tuesday. With some of us having comitments on the Sunday, the group split but the love remained, the scent lingered for at least 4 days after in the form of ‘eau du bonfire’ a secent I could not shake. The thankfulness of friends, of stories, of weekends like these are warming to my heart, like a shotgun of fireworks over a roofless tent. The teeths that went unbrushed, the bodies that went unshowered, and the nutritious eating that went unnoticed made my appreciation for my friends that much more. Thank you Grant, for sleeping in your bachelor tent, chez Cameron, as el diablo is on the lose, and thank you TJ for rearranging the forest for us. To Amelia, Leanne, Monica, Nicole, Andrew, Brad, Jake, Sara, Emma, Lauren, Johnny, Chris, Grant, TJ the pines, the fine lines and the kickin it to the nines.

hermes Rivera