when life isn't a beach- don't stop.

A few months back I came into a cold world of Tim Horton’s drinkers and family embraces. After people looked at my slowly fading tan they'd ask where I had been. Mostly I'd get Australia, but when I say, no, unfortunately Hawaii sympathy haha!  Even though I worked exchanged while away, when you attach Hawaii to any part of your sentence I think automatically there is the assumption that everything is paradise. 

I’ve been given a slice of paradise. I am grateful everyday for the life I can live, and the people who surround me. Yet, your personal paradise isn’t determined by where you are or what you are doing. Sure life can look glamorous via Instagram pics but behind the scenes, behind the palm trees are people, with struggles that aren’t so care-free.

Regardless if you find yourself on a perfect sand beach, or haven’t had a vacation in years you aren’t alone.

Your physical location doesn’t fix the hurt, the stress, the worries, that consume the inside of you. Because, when you go away, - they're coming with you. What I’m getting at is, although I don’t have any new updates from Maui, or any fabulous snaps from the beach, that is only a season- a moment in time. It doesn’t determine the greatness of what’s next or what is now.

I can’t compare each year as better than the next because life isn’t always a beach.

I miss the tropical breeze, the tanned skin, watching the surfers at Hoopkipa, but I find myself here now in Southern Ontario. And guess what, I can’t wait for what new thing I can find around here. The adventure doesn’t stop - ever.

So, a quick reminder - don’t stop. 
Don’t stop asking.
Don’t stop hoping.
Don’t stop believing. 
Don’t stop working out.
Don’t stop eating your vegetables.
Don’t stop hanging out
Don’t stop moving forward
Don’t stop learning. 
Don’t stop cleaning your house. 
Don’t stop. 
Don’t get stuck in a moment. Keep moving, let life be as fluid as it’s meant to be. Don’t get hung up, or overanalyze. Let live. mediocrity isn't meant to be your song

Pretty poetic.  
Truth is. Life isn’t always a beach, but it’s what compels us that will be our life song, what will be our legend. It’s what you didn’t stop doing that you’ll be remembered for.  { A friend, a mentor, a parent, a spouse a sibling, a co-worker, a listening ear. } 

Just as life doesn’t stop whether things are going good or not. I’d encourage you to make the most of your current season. Find the hidden trails, the blooming trees, the good in the now.

Also, you should all get outside and explore some of Canada’s parks, 150 years y’all what better way to celebrate our Canadian pride and the good looks of Justin Trudeau. 
see ya on the trail, in the woods, and on the go. 

As always.

Brittany Hayward