This is living now

The first time I thought this was "the life" was when I was 12 and my parents left me home alone with my sisters for the first time. They brought us home chicken McNuggets, put on a movie and we called it a night. We maybe even had pop that night. That was living. But this Friday, when I strapped my snorkel gear on and followed a large sea turtle around the rocks of the bay in Kihei, I seriously thought. This is the life. 


It was the second power outage since being on the island. It was Thursday and we had just returned from the beach in Paia to come home to a very dark house. No wifi, no nothing. The worst part being that guests on the property were without electricity and running water. When this happens we have a "no flush rule" it usually gets broken pretty quickly as it only takes one person to succumb to their reflexes. Regardless, we found our flashlights and emergency lamps in order to navigate the house. Let's just say, Netflix downloads exist for times such as these. 

A week full of laughable Pinterest fails as we tidied the cottages and continued with both French and English grammar corrections with my Quebec room mates. We picked fresh local fruit, walked around town, got Dark Chocolate Sorbet (YES) again and planned where to eat next. On Friday we took our day off in the sun. I'm guessing UV was around a 10 as we couldn't lather enough SFP on our skin! The sun was hot and the water as always was perfect. That's where we couldn't see enough fish and the spectacular sea turtle. Because we didn't want to end up like rock Lobsters we finished our time and grabbed some smoothie bowls before we boarded the boat in Malaelaa Harbour for a whale watching cruise. We saw some beautiful humpback fins up close! We got soaked on our way out of the harbour , and the boat ride was equally just as great as the whales.  We made some new local friends, one who wanted to pretend we were boyfriend and girlfriend, (for jokes) and got a great view of Maui from the sea, and the volcanic clouds (vog) coming over the mountains. 

On Monday in Lahaina we chose to visit some local breweries and shopping around town. Of course, wasn't without stopping at a smoothie bowl place. A beautiful day oppose to some sort of allergic reaction and built up sickness I was feeling. Thankful for friends who can catch you when you need it. Literally.  



The first few weeks I came to Maui I turned to my two roommates and asked them, what should I do with my life? They laughed and asked if I meant in the moment, or in general. I laughed and thought yeah both. What should I do? The life is happening now. So before I move onto to the neighbouring Hawaiian island this week and say good bye to Maui friends I'm choosing to appreciate as much of life's moments right now. In general, I know what my life is grounded in, and that is what is most important. Adventure is welcome to find me, that usually is accompanied with the unknown. Adventure on, and live now.  

Brittany Hayward