Maui Aquarium : A whale of a time

I sat at Maalaea Harbour watching the snorkel and whale tours preparing for their departures to nearby Molokini island and into the harbour. We had just finished our tour of Maui Ocean Centre, a top rated Aquarium here on Maui when from the distance I saw a whale watching boat. Not far off the shore a large humpback lept completely out of the water, a full out breach as it landed back into the ocean with a big splash. My eyes literally came out of my head. Did that just happen??? I left my friends back at the cafe to explore, so it was just me, the ocean and the whale. So many times I thought, I could have captured it, but that's the spontaneity of the ocean. 

We left fairly early that day to make it to the aquarium placed in the centre of island of Maui. On the smaller side, the Aquarium divided up the viewings into lower ocean reef, medium reef and deep reef. Some of the coolest things was seeing fish we had already snorkelled with! The aquarium featured a long tunnel of different sharks in the nearby islands, large tuna fish and of course turtles.

There was a great summary of why the amount of humpback whales in the area and a narrative of Hawaiians and their history with the ocean. We found ourselves staring at the glass and taking endlessly taking photos of the colourful fish. I felt like was on a field trip back in grade school. 

FullSizeRender 3.jpg


Shifting gears our next day took us down past Hana into Haleakala National Park. I got the opportunity to drive the winding road but didn't mind one bit. The greenery is like non other on this scenic route. Our destination being the Pipiwai trail. A covered trail with loads of bamboo, at the end being a tall waterfall. More Jurassic Park vibes as we sang the theme song as we hiked. Only 2 more weeks left on Maui before the road leads to Oahu. Can't wait to take as much as I can in before I say good-bye to this island! 


Brittany Hayward