The roads of Maui

I saw the shark sign listed on the beach and it didn't faze me. We were ready to snorkel again. We hit up Olowalu Beach outside of Lahaina on our day off ; extra early.  We brought our gear and fins although the weather wasn't on our side! Regardless, we jumped into the ocean as the cloudy skies loomed above us. The reefs were beautiful and full of fish again. The best part was that the ocean was warm and easy to swim around.

Although, because of the cloud cover, we found we didn't last too long on the beach. We headed North towards Napili looking for some hidden gems around the specular West Maui mountains. On the way we saw neighbouring islands Lanai and Molokai. The skies cleared up and it turned into a picture perfect day.


The cliffs soared down into the ocean below us and the Jurassic Park mountains and greenery stood out on our right side. Gradually the road became more and more narrow, increasingly winding and as I kept my eyes glued to the unknown around each corner.



My friend Cat stuck her Go Pro out the window being able to film every turn so I could watch the road, and watch the footage later! I have to admit my palms got pretty sweaty at some points but it was a gloriously beautiful road. As the road kept getting greener and more narrow I wondered how driving a single lane was possible! I tried my best and gave the hang loose signals as the locals do to the drivers passing by.

We took our time taking it all in and completely missing our sight seeing point of interest. Not much signage here in Hawaii! 

We ended our days venture at Walmart to grab some cheap groceries as we made our way back down to the road to Hana. Another day off to come in beautiful Maui.


Brittany Hayward