Hiking lava fields and what the ocean is teaching me 

I watched as the cruise ship turned away from Lahaina, honking it’s loud horn as it departed the harbour. We sat on the lanai eating wood oven pizza’s looking out at the ocean while a cheesy DJ tried to spin some tunes inside. Our mid-week day off proved eventful at D.T. Fleming beach on the North West coast of Maui. We hopped from beach park to beach park trying to find our perfect spot. We had hoped to go snorkelling again but learned that the waters on the North shore create some pretty big currents. Instead we relaxed, did a little hike and took in the rays. Before departing south for Lahaina we followed Mechi to a cliff face that had crazy rock formations, which looked as though lava had frozen in its place. 

The ocean has been our theme. I guess living on an island you really can’t get away from it. But I’m amazed just how every day it looks different, how every day it can change. It’s mesmerizing to sit and watch the waves, as the water laps up on shore. I think, you never know what it will bring. It’s a form of faith I suppose, the unknown. We have no control over the ocean, no control over the tides. On Friday we drove by Ho’okipa beach we boasts some of the best surfing on the island. This early Friday morning and the beach is packed, the waves full with surfers. “Doesn’t anyone work Friday?” I ask my manager. “Not if the surf is good” she laughs. This gives a whole new meaning to island time.  

Island timing requires surrender, and as the coast line followed our drive Friday morning it led us to Makena. A very southern portion of the island. We made it down to La Pourouse Bay and walked along where Lava used to flow. Looking upwards we saw the black remains of the flow, and to our right was spectucalr blue waters with the brightest fish I’ve seen yet. This area is immensely popular for snorkelling. We decided we have to come back. I kept thinking how thankful I was for a local take on the island. The day cleared up as the vog from the Big Island left the horizon. We were left with a chance to hang around the seaside and pick up coral and lava rocks. It brought us all back to being kids again. 

To being kids, the ocean, exploring, and discovering. I don’t think we should ever stop. There is so much more to be seen. 

Brittany Hayward