East meets West on Maui

I stayed outside while Henry cut the large jungle centepede in fours as it scurried around our living room floor.

The last week or so we've gotten a lot of rain which is common on the east side of Maui, and with that came a taste of the jungle type creatures as it brought out tons of insects and geckos. I put extra Cedar oil (an all natural insect repellent) around my bed , nothing goes near me during bed. Nothing. 

Regardless of the rain we've been able to do our share of sight-seeing. On Saturday we drove up to Kula which is a cute town in "up country" towards Haleakala Crater. The temperature was significantly colder but boasted the friendliest farmers market that morning. Vendors chopped fresh coconuts and we tried endless samples and experienced new types of fruit. 

Coming down the mountain we made a last minute decision and took a drive down to Hana, the southern portion of Maui. The scenic road to Hana is driven at about 10-15 miles an hour as the road winds, bends,inclinΓ©s and slopes.  I was happy Henry was driving. Along the road the mountains pile high above covered in huge trees, lush greenery and waterfalls. Portions of Jurassic Park were filmed along the stretch of highway.


We made it to Wainapapa National Park where we dodged the rain climbing up volcanic rock formations which made way to a black sand beach, the highlight of the park.

Picking up Egg Fruit and seeing Almond trees along the way. We ducked into a Thai Food truck on our way back up the road for some roadside grub. That's when the rain came. It's sporadic and sudden and you never really know how long it's going to last, like bad gas. Not really. It's still pretty. And with rain, I think I've seen more rainbows in a week then I normally would in Canada in a year. 



Thankful to have made the road to Hana trip. being on Maui we've realized the necesssity of needing a car and just yesterday with our day off we took the work truck and made it all the way to Lahaina.

Up and around the west Maui mountains It turned out to be a picture perfect day. We rode the pickup along the coast where we saw whales spouting in the bay. Being significantly dryer on the West side of the island the sun and the sparkling blue water was just mesmerizing. We spent the morning in Napili sneaking ever so closely through a resort beach and working on the tan, or as my french friends say "bronze". 

Amoung the fact of being at the beach in Hawaii, a highlight of the day was a large man in snorkel gear out in the bay who constantly yelled "turtles man! You gotta get out there. " Every time he came in contact with a large turtle in the reef. We could tell the others on the beach found it hilarious too.  

We earned on our time at the beach and made our way back to Lahaina for the evening. A Hawaiian music concert, acai bowls, and walks along the tourist shops made it one of the best days off so far. 


Our work stays busy as it is high season. I'm living on avocados and bananas and as of last week we harvested a bunch of macadamia nuts! 

Thankful for the natural bounty and look forward to what the next week will hold. 

Aloha with love 

Brittany Hayward