First Blog post from Maui!


Officially touched down here in Maui!  Continuously thankful for all your thoughts and prayers. Only after 2 days of being here I've learned a little Hawaiian, seen the effects of "Vog" (fog created by the Volcano on the neighbouring Island) and visited 2 beaches!

When at Ho'oikipa Beach on the East side of Island we saw large amounts of Sea Turtles, crazy surf, and a visiting seal. We also visited Kihei beach on the West side of the island. I'm very grateful for these opportunities!

I will be doing a work exchange while on Maui where I am sharing a house with 8 others as we maintain the property for a Bed and Breakfast in the Paia area, about 3 miles into the Road to Hana. My list of items to see while here grows and grows! I am scheduled to be here for 7 weeks and off to Oahu for into March. 

A few more blog thoughts below: 

Kihei beach

Kihei beach

PAIA BEACH - spot the turtle! 

PAIA BEACH - spot the turtle! 

There are many ways to look at life, and as much as I’m an advocate for the present, living in the circumference of the present- I want to believe for the future. For the hope of what is to come. Many of us aren’t too pleased the borderlines of our life’s reach. We’d like to do something about it- change it, wish it would be better. I’m here to remind you that hope is always on the horizon- there are so many things yet to be discovered in your life. So many things to uncover and learn about yourself, and perhaps some good habits you need to recover.

Whatever is in front of you, surrounds you, is almost like a circumference. If you were going to draw a chalk line around your bubble of a life, this is your sphere of influence. That is your responsibility right now. Wrapping your mind around these tasks is big enough, and when you add the hurts of the past and the worries of the future, your mind can get pretty full. Whatever is in front of you right now, tend to that. Like a gardener, work on the plants that have already sprouted in your life, not worrying about the ones from last season, or the ones to come.

Within that sphere of living in the present, some things are meant to be unearthed (to go along with the image).

We have the availability, the means at our fingertips to utilize what is lacking or present in our circumstance to bring something new into light. What I’m getting at is, life doesn’t just stop at what you can see. There is hope on the horizon, what is in your hands right now has the potential to bloom and grow bigger! 

Brittany Hayward