Perhaps this thing called life boasts more than you had thought

Our human existence is easily rushed. Easy to centre our days around a to-do list.  When it is deeper than a to-do list. 

Rushing, gaining, pursuing, pleasing, stressing. Our souls are dying before our bodies do.

Why I write this is because I love the to-do list, the to-do list is all my mind's thoughts for the day scribbled on a piece of paper. Many times, it is whatever paper I can find, whatever app was open to type a quick note, whatever journal was available.

I have this issue of not remembering much, not much at all.

So anything that comes to mind that is remotely cool, needs to be written down. This gives my brain peace of mind.

The problem was,  how dysfunctional it all became. I had scattered pieces of paper, scraps, journals, super cute notebooks, over 1000 notes in my iPhone with what? Great ideas, great sentences, some to do lists. But they’d all get lost in the never-ending clutter of things.

I’ve explained  this analogy before. Like a website with awful navigation is a bulletin board with no room. So you’ve posted your content, but everything is so messy, so cluttered that what you’ve posted is lost; no one can see the important thing because it’s lost on a board of so many other things.

My note analogy gave me an insight to life.

There is only so many things you canhandle at a time.

If you are looking to simplify your life, reviving soul health then its time to lose some weight.

I don’t mean that physically, although maybe it's time for that too. 

What I’m getting at is,you can’t do it all, if you value your soul.

Our ideas of the life we dreamed of are lost in the“priorities” or things that society puts emphasis on. Most people complain about not having enough time in the day, but even if you did have more time, what would you use it for?

I’m thinking probably more Netflix.

The thing is, I’m a huge advocate of doing things. But, more so in doing the BEST things.

Next thing you know you are over working, over volunteering, over stressing and your true hopes and dreams get the leftovers of your day. There is wisdom in saying that: 

You can do everything- just not all at once.

Make your to do lists, make your plans but narrow the field. Don’t beat yourself because you didn’t get it done. Above it all, is it worth stressing over? In the big picture of life is your to-do lists, the “getting things done” mentality your life theme?

Perhaps it is, I would challenge you. That when you look back on life, will you be glad to see that you washed your car every week, or that the bathrooms looked pristine for guests. All good things, but too many good things aren’t worth the time spent for greater things. **

Too busy of weeks don’t leave room for the appreciation of the one day ahead. 

Take one day at a time and quit something.

I have a massive bucket list of things I want to do. But I’m not going to complete them all before 2017. One, I don’t have the money, but mainly, what less of an enjoyment to do it all at once instead of taking the time to enjoy each thing in its season oppose to the 12 things all at once. 

Bob Goff lives by this mentality of quitting something every Thursday. Sometimes it’s simple things like worrying or nail biting, yet sometimes it's cancelling or rain-checking. He realizes that for most of us, there is too much on our plates, and wants you to rethink your schedule. It's time to make room for the the things you really want to be doing.

Maybe it's time to quit cable and satellite so you have more time to take a walk outside. This also frees up your budget to take a friend out for lunch, and really ask how she is doing.

De-cluttering our lives lead to freedom. It leads to restoration, health, purpose and enjoyment of life.

De-cluttering your thoughts of worry and start thinking, what is worth pursuing? what is BEST? Not just good, but BEST.

Don’t settle for a guy/ girl who treats you like crap.

Don’t settle for a job that doesn’t appreciate you, that doesn’t grow you.

Don’t follow someone else ideals, discover your own.

Don’t settle for a high pay cheque and get so lost in your career

Make time for time. Slow down your schedules and choose 3 things you are going to do well and focus on the quality of that.

Your human existence, the fact that you were born, means a whole lot more than the materiality of your to-do list.

Spend more time doing what you were made to do, and streamline your schedule around that.

Don’t let the weeks priorities determine your direction, because if that happens 52 times, you’ve let a year of life pass you by.

Live your life with wisdom. And narrow your focus.

Stealing this from Andy Stanley:

Ask yourself,

“In light of my future hopes and dreams, . . .”

“With my current family situation, . . .”

“Because we know our marriage isn’t where it should be, . . .”

“Since I plan on going to graduate school, . . .”

“We have two children in diapers, so . . .”

“Our seventeen-year-old will only be with us for one more year, so . . .”

Is this the wise thing to do?

Find out what is important to you, de-clutter your week and sail towards clarity and sanity as you regain real living again.  

soulBrittany Hayward