Make your life count

My two younger sisters and I grew up learning piano. We’d practise practically everyday, and as we got older and into higher levels our practise time turned from 15 mins a day to 3-4 hours a day. I remember growing up with this tall, antique looking metronome. It would sit a top the piano and keep our music in time, not speeding up, not slowing down. The music itself would tell you the speed you needed to go. This old gem you had to physically stop from ticking back and forth. We eventually got a digital metronome, but it stressed how important it was to keep rhythm for success of a beautiful melody.

The final product of a piece of music comes down to the speed in which its played and whether you followed the instructions of the composer. If you decide to make your own speed, it probably wouldn’t sound the way it was designed. Perhaps that mirrors our lives, who we are, who we want to be. Perhaps we aren’t listening to the rhtyhms of our own heart beats, our first loves. If we don’t follow that beat, well, we are throwing off the intended design of the piece.

If my life is a melody, a song, I wonder what is driving my beat. What keeps me in time, makes my melody thrive and sing better than I could imagined. Like the drip drip of a leaking faucet is the constant tap tap of the hearts beats of our lives.

Our heart beats are the bass notes of our life song. The underlying rhythms of our lives also compose of the necessary tasks of working, raising families, working out etc. These are a given, these routines. These are the rhythms perhaps that we choose to place in our lives, others have been chosen for us. These rhythms are the external rhythms of our time. Yet, 

As always, what your heart beats for will be the determining factor of your external time.

If I want a killer beat, I need to listen to the sound I’m giving off around me and most importantly, do the hard work of tuning and timing the right rhythm and sound within me.

If you are a guitar player, you understand the importance of tuning.

When you tune, you learn to know your instrument. You realize what is yours to change and what is outside of your control. - Jon Foreman  

When you take time to listen to the sound you are giving off, the melody of your life song, you may hear some sour things. Making your life count starts with a good ear.

“ What does the song need? What do my friends need? My family, my community? What does the world need from me, that only I can give? The best musicians are the ones who play exactly what’s needed – nothing more, nothing less. That takes an incredible listener. “ **

Fill your life song with just enough, nothing more, nothing less. Stick to your tune, your beat, your rhythm. Your path, your melody isn’t meant to look or sound like everyone else’s. You were created for uniqueness and mastery. We all know how the same old song gets pretty boring- that’s why we need your song.

Your sound. The contentment of a life well lived, a good song, is the beats that keep moving, the rhythms that keep it all together. The lacing under many melodies are the tunes we dance to, the beats that make us come alive, fill us with purpose. I hope my rhythm can take a serious beat. To beat in the right direction. To love God and love people.

I'm caught in the rhythms of grace

They overcome all of my ways

Realigning each step everyday

To live for Your glory

You can’t ever stop the Rhythms of grace that surround you. God is the composer of grace, and that is a beat eternal. Aligning your internal melody with this constant beat of grace puts you further than you could imagine.

“…that the melody within you would soar above the fear, above the crowd, above the past, above the pain, and that the song that you were born to sing would come to life. The composer of time and space has given you a part to play in the great symphony of time.”

There is no sound louder than love. There is no better tune to live out, than the one that beats within you. Grace is freedom is it not? Grace frees you up to sing your unique tune. I think that is what life is all about, that is what we were created for. For uniqueness, for purpose, for creativity, for our world and the knowing of that eternal beat of grace. So rise above the crowd, the mainstream. Let your song be of love, grace, mercy, and sing a tune that has never been sung before, the tune that llves inside you. Perhaps it’s dormant and it needs to come alive.

Your life is now, and whatever your melody looks like- we need it.

“Be brave, your melody is worth it. Be courageous, your melody is needed. I dare you. I dare you to live out your purpose.”


*** this post was inspired by Jon Foreman’s TED Talk. Check it check it. You won’t be disappointed.

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