Look hard for the light, push back the darkness

There is an odd fascination I have with Bollywood movies, my sisters and I stumbled upon some great films on Netflix and every so often we’d get together and watch them. What I love about them, is it’s so foreign to me. The over-dramaticism of the boy-girl relationship and the colours, dancing, and music and singing make it another great form of a musical.

What I find so great about these movies is the dancing, there are scenes where they are in the streets, running through the fields, but the best part is when the entire town suddenly joins in with the main characters dance moves. Since when does the whole town know the dance choreography??

What I see in these movies isn’t just the beautiful outfits and great music.

Our world is so diverse, so unique, so original. We all dress different, listen to different music, have different ways of thought. Even in our own country, we have diverse ways of being brought up, and opposite schedules. How we were raised, our personality and the experiences in our life have led us to the person we are right now. With so much uniqueness and learning to be found in the world, with each person brimming with originality, it makes me think there must be some reason why we have so many differences.

Why would we be created all different? Not one of us the same? Throw all these differences on planet earth and I’m sure that is a recipe for a lot of problems- and in our world- we see it. Racism, violence, hate, disease, war, terrorism, crime, betrayal, deceit. We don’t have to look hard at all to find the darkness.

What I can conclude when I think about how I want to spend the rest of my time on this earth, is:

1)    Work hard against the darkness

2)    Look hard for the light  

Work hard against the darkness:

The darkness is always going to be there, it’s enviable. Our human condition can guarantee that. But you don’t have to guarantee to be a part of that. You can choose what you want to work hard at, you can choose the message you want to send off in your life. We can’t ignore the darkness, pretend the awful things that happen around the world or in our lives don’t exist. Hearing news stories, again and again, are depressing. Yet finding that balance between knowing the darkness, and doing something about it is the ticket.

Let the darkness effect you enough to take action.

You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty. - Mahatma Gandhi

It may seem that the world is a lost cause. But like every human being on earth, we each are not a lost cause.

That’s why we look hard for the light.

Look hard for the light  

News headlines flash in your face, and endless articles and radio shows emphasize the negativity of celebrities personal lives, the wars around the world, and the political and financial situation of our world and countries it’s easy to for that to be your anthem. There are elements that I limit in my day in order to obtain the perspective I have on the world. I want to lead my mind with hope. I can’t generate hope when I hear the same news headline over and over again. I can’t lead with hope if I’m surrounded by cynical friends or community. There has to be intentional moments that breed hope in our lives, hope doesn’t always present itself. Our world would rather focus on the negativity then bring positivity because the crappy stories, the dramatic stories are the ones that sell.

In order to look hard for the light, you have to choose. Choose that you will take 30 mins to read a devotion, a motivating book, a documentary, whatever it is. I gain my hope from the bible. I’ve seen it in my family's life and in my friends. It’s an unwavering hope- that lasts a lifetime. 

You have to be intentional about the light.

If patience is worth anything, it must endure to the end of time. And a living faith will last in the midst of the blackest storm. - Mahatma Gandhi

A Bollywood film wouldn’t be what it is without colour. It wouldn’t be what it is without the people. The grandeur of the films are found in the spontaneous dancing and the pinwheel of vibrancy.

I believe all of our lives here on earth can brim with vibrancy. I’m not saying that there will be no hard times, that no bad thing will happen to you- but I believe that nothing can touch your insides, your minds, your heart and nothing can stop your soul. Even though circumstances in this world rage around us, it’s the inside- who you are becoming and how you react to these circumstances that matter.

What I’ve learned through these films, is that we can create colour in our lives. We are created for each other. Vibrancy happens when you know your purpose, you put your mind to action and you use it for the aid of others.

So, begin with your mind, immerse yourself in hope.

Your mind determines your actions, and as you look hard for the light, use your abilities and all that you can for others to work hard against the darkness.

The true treasure lies within. It is the underlying theme of the songs we sing, the shows we watch and the books we read. It is woven into the Psalms of the Bible, the ballads of the Beatles and practically every Bollywood film ever made. What is that treasure? Love. Love is the nature of the Divine. - Radhanath Swami, Quote on Bollywood movies


Brittany Hayward