3 things that effect your inspiration


“Some believe it is only great power that can hold evil in check, but that is not what I have found. It is the small everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay. Small acts of kindness and love. Why Bilbo Baggins? Perhaps because I am afraid, and he gives me courage.”
J.R.R. Tolkien


Who or what inspires you? Essentially what you are inspired by, what lights you up inside is what you will think about, talk about and prioritize. I see my neighbor going off to work this morning. Living in the automobile capital of Canada I wonder if his days have been inspiring? Working on the line, factory work, producing the same task over and over again. I wonder if this brings life to his spirit. I’m not discounting the need to work- to bring home a paycheck- yet being and advocate for not settling, I can’t see mere busywork a life expanding task. I can’t see a repetitive task expanding to the brain. Nevertheless regardless of what you do, is more about who are. I’m greedy in a sense that I like to place myself in environments where I’m inspired. Inspired to learn, to expand my thinking and be challenged. More so, to surround myself with people of purpose. People who positively want to make the world a better place. By surrounding myself with passion takes effort and intentionality. It doesn’t always come with a workplace, or the people you work with, but it does come when you look for it. How I see it, is there are 3 ways we can find inspiration: community, culture, and communication. 

1) Community. Your tribe, your people where you find the alignment of who you are. These are the people you surround yourself with, and who you surround yourself with is who you end up becoming like. Look around, are you proud to call your friends- your friends? You may not agree with everything they are – but do you love their heart? Would you support what they do with their lives, with their time? Community makes a big impact on your choices, how you spend your time and how you think. I remember I started hanging out with a great crowd of people. My music choices got better, my clothes became more authentic and I was growing towards the person I wanted to become and thankful for how I learned from them.

2) Culture:

We surround ourselves with people but we can’t fight the sway of culture. Culture seeps into our inspiration. It can be for good and bad, lately culture is blurring the lines of morality, whisking away the “good” vs the “bad” and leaving us with a gray area. Media seeps into our belief system and leaves us with negativity, pessimism,and comparison. Your inspired mind fights against the grain of societies whim. Culture misaligns your original thinking. As many trends of culture can be inspiring, positive change for good. Movies, music, fashion etc. Culture is and constantly will be the ship that has sailed. It is always moving- the difference is that culture can be contained or bottled up. Culture will always be chased and tried to be beaten. We will always desire the hipster mentality of wearing it before it was, or listening before it was mainstream. Our inspiration can be based on trends. Good and bad, culture can diminish your inspiration or add to it. It does lie on your personal perspective. It is up to you. 

3) Care:

With inspiration comes responsibility. We learn from those who care. What I mean is: give a care. Show a Care. We are inspired by those who care. Care about topics, issues, rights, morality, injustice, poverty. I want to give a care for the world. I want what inspires me to act.

People such as Christine Caine who fight human trafficking, pastors, community leaders, writers, authors voices of change. Martin Luther, Jon Foreman, Rick Warren, Jesus, Christine Caine, Jack Johnson. Artists, advocates, these people inspire to give a care.

These voices stay with us today, cause us to reorder our lives under a cause. Why I say care is be inspired to take charge and care.

I remember growing up in the 90’s one of the sayings as a grade school kid was : “I don’t give a care”  Living that care life is different. Not everyone owns it. It’s way easier to “not give a care” than actually reverse that mentality.

How to live this inspired life ?

The three elements I highlighted, I feel there is more to this inspired life. This is inspired life lies in what you surround yourself with. Communities that care, culture that believes for better and the willingness to do something about it.

As I write, I reflect. Who am I hanging out with. Can I start listening to a podcast about positive change instead of something trashy? Can I spend my time watching a documentary oppose to a reality show? Can I challenge myself that there is perhaps a purpose out there for me that has yet to be discovered, that needs to be discovered by me? What if you were the only person who could discover the new world. You were the Christopher Columbus of our day. You had the ship, you had the crew, you had the money and means. But you were like, meh, I’m just gonna do MY thing here. I’m pretty content with the small life- catching Pokeman Go is just as fulfilling.

Your ship has sailed my friends.

Don’t waste the equipment that is already in you, that is so unique to you. Don’t waste the abilities that lie right in front of you to sail across the ocean blue. You may be the only Christopher Columbus for many generations. At this specific time, at this specific place in history you have all the requirements need to make that embarkment.. No one else could, no one else had the money, the guts, the means. You were created to be in this generation. Sometime all you have to do is step out, all you have to do is sail.

“ God has plucked you out of eternity. Positioned you in time and given you gifts and talents to serve him in this generation. “ -Unstoppable, Christine Caine 

Brittany Hayward