Some questions are just unanswerable

I watched this video about how small earth is in companions to other planets, to the moon, to the sun to the galaxies. I thought, wow, there has to be life in other galaxies. 

Next thing I knew I’d be googling this, leading to a long researching session, endless blogs and forums, about something that would probably result in the answer: unknown.

So much time with speculation, wondering, researching. These journeys can be fun and educational. But I think if we are seeking answers the end result can be frustrating.

I feel like I ask myself questions about my own life, about the sovereignty of God, hoping for a concrete answer, but not getting one. I guess this is a journey of faith. Because if there was a answer to whether or not there is a God, or if the Bible is true, or if Jesus was real, than it wouldn’t be faith.

There is no point in trying to figure out what is going to happen tomorrow, when tomorrow is basically going to do its own thing.

I’d love to plan for tomorrow, but seriously. I don’t plan to rear end someone, I don’t plan to break a plate, I don’t plan to have a fight, I don’t plan to make my bed…ever.

What I think I’ve concluded in my own life, is that some questions, although meant to be asked, are simply to be asked. I think there are some things, we can never plan for, parts of our futures we can never see as much as we plan, we pray and seek prophetic words.

I think sometimes this quest is better left in the hands of faith.

Can I simply sit, and be still, without asking questions, and deep down KNOW  that HE is God?

There is only a capacity that our minds can know. We want to know whether aliens exist or if we will have a solid career and 2 kids by the time we are 35, but really, some things can’t be planned, and some questions will never be answered.

I’m challenging myself to sit in the faith. To hope, to ask, but to be okay if I don’t get an answer to an unanswerable question.

Faith holds hands with time. And sitting in faith, and sitting in time, our lives come to be. Our days move on, some questions get answered, some never will. Our seeking shows faith, yet our comfortablity with the unknown is where the heart of faith lies.

Because, at the end of the day, no one will ever know how they filmed that bear scene in the Revenant.

Brittany Hayward