Why I think we need to build more bridges

I read a quote from a Pastor in Toronto through CBC that he is all about building bridges not barriers.

"I don't want to create barriers. I want to create bridges for people ...."

 It made me think of the bridge that lies outside my door. Being in huge proximity to the U.S. I find myself travelling the bridge often for concerts, shopping and friends etc.

Nexus is a program to make the trip to the US, going through borders easier. The Nexus pass gets me over there faster because it knows me better. It's already got a brief history and background of who I am in order to move the process of crossing along.

I think that could be the key to building better bridges with people, simply getting to know them.

Perhaps it's more than the structure, the physical set up of a program or a course, a talk or presentation. Perhaps building bridges across all forms begins with knowing.

Our borders and security are pretty tight, border officers do their best to figure you out before you enter the country. A Nexus provides a way to speed up the knowing before crossing.

If I already know you better- I'm more apt to let you cross. I'm more apt to let you in, to let the relationship be symbiotic.

I see it in workplaces, friendships, politics etc. When you know a person personally, you are more apt to like their photo, vote for them, be around them. Sometimes it's regardless of what they are about, if you feel you have a right friendship, they are a person you know first hand and can appreciate them them through their authenticity, you've already built a bridge. You may not agree on everything, but there is the bridge of respect. That is a bridge I hope could be built really big one day. The openesss to see another's point of view, listen to their hearts without giving a responding opinion. The respect to lend a hand, even if you don't understand. I suppose this is the hope of humanity, the hope and need of every person- that we would be there for each other, regardless if you or I see eye to eye or understand where each are coming from. That regardless of my views or opinions on the world we can have a peaceful unity of a friendship because I respect you for who you are and you respect me for how I live my life.

Building bridges doesnโ€™t begin with the person, or the bridge itself. It begins with you. You have to choose, even before the bridge is built that you are going to be the sort of person of acceptance, of love, of compassion. Bridges are made when we put down our differences and find our similiariites.

I have hope for symbiotic relatipships in our generation. I have hope for all colours, hands to be united as one. Peace begins with your decision. 

Sometimes one side progresses before the other.

As a bridge comes together you begin on either sides. I look at the newly started bridge, Detroit - Windsor. Detroit began on their side, Windsor theirs. One is a little further along because they couldnโ€™t keep up with the funding.

Maybe you need to be the person who starts the building. Once youโ€™ve settled in your mind that reconciliation, and differences will be put aside, you need to be the bold step towards connecting.

You may have to loose some pride, some prejudice. (ha nice reference eh). Those things aren't needed when building bridges. 

The art of the bridge build comes with set plans of action in order to make connection possible. Those plans donโ€™t include preference, bias or prejudice but are founded on love.

The all encompassing framework and cement to keep peace and build strong bridges leans on the surpassing ability to reach out and love, no matter what. 

Brittany Hayward