Don't stop the good thing you've started

Looking back as we watched the long distance runners at the Olympics my family and I started talking about how the endurance athletes just push past their physical limit of capability.

How does their body allow them to do it?

Reminiscing back on those few classes I took in Human Kinetics, we talked about how an athlete is not only trained physically but mentality. The ability to push past your physical threshold, to run longer and faster and train to numb the pain. It’s the mind becoming stronger than the physical pain of it all.

At the end of a race we see all the athletes coming to the reality of their muscles screaming out at them. But there is something going on in the mind during the entirety of the race. The entirety of the race the mind is focused on the goal. The ending.

Something is there that parallels us as human being.  Our minds have the capability to push other areas of our body to limits we never could have dreamed of.

Interesting that the people that think they can, will,  and the ones that think they can’t, won’t.

Extreme athletes defy common sense. As spectators we look on in amazement, why are they doing this to themselves!? That is crazy! 

That physical push of uncommon sense. That is risk taking on your body on your mind, it takes up your days and free time. The drive that is found deep down in the mind, doesn’t let the athlete stop.  

There are many forces in our human life that prevent us from momentum, from moving forward in life, in hope, in vision. Our minds burn out, our circusmstances and external forces tell us otherwise. But there is something that reminds us to hold on, the final goal.

Something inside you keeps telling you to push it to the next level. Keep reaching, keep believing, keep creating, keep dreaming.

Vision doesn’t always come clear until you move.

In life there are highs and lows. Mountain top experiences and valley low defeats, high on coffee or low on no coffee. There are moments in life where, you feel like you can make it through. It's usually at the start, the beginning of a new workout plan, the start of a new relationship, the beginning of the race. But when you get a few years in, you get a few months in- what’s going to hold that all together? It’s not just going to come down to just your physical body. That’s why relationships can’t survive the long haul based on the physical element. That’s why your physical body can only run so far without the mind.

What I’m getting at is if you want to do crazy things, like climb a mountain, run a marathon, open a business, loose weight, write a book, own a company, have a long-term relationship you will need to do some crazy things like rearrange your schedule, get up early, stop watching TV. It's time to prioritize, hold onto the vision, and stick it out to the end.   

“All people end up somewhere in life, but few end up there on purpose.” 
- Craig Groschel

Have you ever experienced being in a hospital waiting room and there is that one older man who has got the best attitude even though he has to take a handful of pills and probably has a more complicated appointment than you? But instead of being a complete grump, he’s calling all the jokes about old age and being completely witty. 

There will come a time in life where your physical body will fail completey. There may even come a time when your mind will fail you completely.

While you have your mind, use it well. Treat yourself and others well. These are the tests, the trials, the races of life. The race that tells you deep down, to keep moving even though it deosn’t make sense, you’re ready to give up, or it hurts.

This is when faith is stretched the furthest, it is made complete. It’s the purest form of faith when you can reach the hardest point of a race and get through it. It's faith when you can believe for the best outome even though your surroundings tell you otherwise.

Choose to engage in the race and feel the pain, but decide to keep moving.  

When my strength runs dry and my vision is blinded, will I endure this trial of my faith victoriously or will I turn back in defeat?

we hold the beginning of our confidence steadfast to the end…” Hebrews 3:14





Brittany Hayward