New South Wales 2011

I was fortunate to visit Australia again in 2015, but this first account of Sydney in 2011 is a cherished little recap . 

Sydney, the most iconic of Australian cities, really capped our Aussie trip. Seeing the surreal views as we drove over the Harbor bridge, with the opera house is the distance really struck me. The spectacular harbour, the fashion and the natural beauty of the city was like a dream. All I kept getting was flashbacks from movies and as soon as we saw Luna Park and the bridge climb, ir reminded me of Mary-Kate and Ashley, all that was missing was two awkward Aussie boys as companions for the day. 

Awaking from our slumber in the dungeon of a hotel, basically a closet consising of a bed. (Our budget Accomadation) we embarked to The Blue Mountain ranges just an hour outside of Sydney, it allowed Chelsea and I to ride a glass cablecar over the peaks and take a ride down the steepest railway admiring the three sisters. Shoutout! Laur and Kar. but what brought us the most chilling views was the amazing lunch buffet waiting for us at the top of the mountain. The chilly winter tempurature of the mountatins drew us back to the city as we saw the Olympic village and took a harbour cruise through the city. Meetin up with fellow travellor Mike, we headed to a symphony performance at the opera house! The interior of the Opera was amazing, although the heat and the melodious melody of the orchestra lullibied gray-haired patrons to sleep. Being winter in Australia, I've noticed how every person prepares differently. Some prefer to keep the same attire all year long with shorts and t shirt while others look like they've arrived from the north pole. Either way a sunny 16 degrees as Australia's winter did us Canadians fine! The stunning blue coastline of Sydney's Bondi beach was an unexpected sight, the winter carnival happening on th beach had a mix of events. Ice Skating, and latte drinking were highlights, as tanned Aussies ran past us in their speedos. Capping our visit at Darling Harbour, we dined at Nicks Seafood restaurant for our last night in Aus. Before departing to Melbourne we hit Hillsong early Sunday morning for some awesome Aussie praise followed by pancakes at the rocks. I was more than excited! The leisurely stroll around Sydney's market places left us sad as we bid adieu to Australias most populated city .

Brittany Hayward